Program Overview

Influence does not confine itself to positions of privilege. Leadership transcends titles.

After decades of research, experience, and observation, leadership expert John C. Maxwell confidently claims that leadership defies narrowly defined roles and refuses to be trapped in job descriptions. The true measure of a leader is not found in a pay scale, title, or office size, but rather in the amount and quality of influence the leader exerts within the organization. In fact, as Maxwell asserts, 99% of all leadership within a company comes from the middle—not the top.

Traditionally, leadership has been pictured like a river, flowing one-way—down—from the lofty heights of the executive level to the rest of the organization. However, leadership acts more like a stone tossed in the water, creating a ripple effect which spreads across the entire 360° spectrum of the organization.

“99% of all leadership occurs not from the top, but from the middle.”

The 360° Leader™ workshop spotlights the necessity of solid leadership in the all-important positions responsible for interpreting and implementing an organization’s vision and mission. This powerful training experience empowers leaders to exercise their influence with superiors, across to their coworkers, and with the team members they supervise.

The common denominator of thriving companies is the presence of competent leaders at every level of their organizational structures. Invest in the leadership potential of your personnel and reap the benefits of skilled management that is responsive to change, continuously improving, and consistently delivering results.

The 360° Leader™ curriculum is designed to make sure what you learn at the workshop is transferred into tangible and quantifiable behaviors. In other words, what you do differently after the workshop based upon what you learned at the workshop must be observable and measurable. As part of your training you will design tools to evaluate your progress leading up, leading across, and leading down.

Private Workshops

We will come to your company, at your location, at your convenience to develop your leaders. One of the most frequent comments from participants in our public workshops is, “I wish my boss and co-workers were experiencing this workshop with me.” The greatest transformation occurs when an entire department, management, or executive team is involved in the same process at the same time. Involving an entire department or management team is one of the greatest methods to have a deep and rapid impact on your organization. Everyone develops a new vocabulary and frame of reference allowing for increased efficiency.

Private Workshop Pricing

  • $800 / person – 2 days
  • $600 / person – 1 days
  • $400 / person – 1/2 days

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