Influence Leadership

The Influence Leadership Training Programs focus on the principles of effectively leading others to create an Inspired workplace that delivers results. Influence Leadership principles are not dependent on titles or organizational position for their effectiveness. There are very few positional leadership titles in most organizations and, yet, diverse potential exists for everyone to become a Leader, even without the title. These programs equips existing and potential leaders in practical methods and behaviors with heavy emphasis on implementation.

Programs include:

  • Inspired Leadership™
    • for the C-Suite
    • for the Mid-Level Manager
    • for Front-Line Leaders and Supervisors
    • for Individual Contributors
    • for Entrepreneurs
    • for Inspired Teaming
    • that creates Inspired Cultures
  • Iditarod Leadership™
  • Understanding Leadership
  • Principles of Influence
  • Methods and Styles of Leadership
  • Overcoming the pitfalls of ‘Battlefield Promotions.’
  • A Leader’s Critical Skill (EQ)
  • Effective Leadership Communication
  • Personality, Approach, and Authenticity
  • Strengths Assessment
  • How to Lead your Boss
  • Leadership Trainings from the John Maxwell Company

Iditarod Leadership
Iditarod Leadership

Inspired Leadership

Training courses developed from the content of Best-Selling Author John C. Maxwell.





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